Finding a Development Partner: The Development Process Waltz

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Finding a Development Partner: The Development Process Waltz

Finding the right software development company that understands your business is essential

There are few things in life we can equate to a waltz. A perfectly timed sequence of dance steps that requires partners who are in sync with the other. Each step is anticipated then well-executed. A communication of where the dance will lead to as the music defines the tempo. 

Much like a waltz finding the ideal development partner will either ensure success or delays. So how does one find a development partner who fits best?

There are many things to consider when exploring potential partners and seeking out a custom software development partner. One of the biggest advantages of this process is to understand that there is a fine balance between your vision and the realities of what it may take to create a final product. 

When you find a development partner, it means you will be connected to a development team that is invested in your needs and overall project management. Many poor quality development companies provide just a minimum service that may leave you with only the basics of what you envisioned.

When Finding a Development Partner, Cheap is Not Always Better

You have a budget. That’s an understood reality of creating an app or software. Going cheap may mean there are important features that will have to be sacrificed affecting not only your potential profit but the user experience. An expected return on investment (ROI) needs to either be equal to or higher than the investment made. 

There are two ways software development companies charge — by the hour and by the project’s worth. Understanding this is important but should not be used as a determination to rule out one over the other. In many instances, you may be encouraged to buy a bucket of hours for your project. This allows you to buy an allotted number of hours for various phases of development needed to create the final product.

Preventing a Poor Quality Potential Partner

Communication is a cornerstone of any good relationship. In fact, crucial even. It is good when a software development company knows its limitations and when to say “no” — be wary of the “yes man” mentality. When a company always says yes, it could mean that they are likely over-promising on their capabilities. 

Not only does this create delays down the road, but it can also cost you more money. Custom software and app development involve a long development process, but there is no need to make it longer than necessary. 

Good development companies can provide alternative opinions with valid reasons that are in line with your goals. The ongoing conversation should include continual updates on the progress and needs. They must be confident enough to advise you what won’t work and what will.

The Right Development Team for the Long Term Development Process

It’s important to understand that your endpoint may not look exactly like you imagined. That’s not a bad thing; ideas grow and change in unexpected ways that you might not expect. A successful development process will uncover the challenges and opportunities you may not have considered. Creating software that is tailored to your business or an app for your users involves much more than just the initial coding and deployment. It takes ongoing support beyond the completion of your application.

We love a good two-step, so contact us today to see if we are the right development partner for you.

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