Interconnected Data Is All Around You

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Interconnected Data Is All Around You

Among the vast amounts of data that surround us, connecting data leads to great insight

Interconnection refers to a network of data systems whose linkage, both physical and Internet-based, allows enterprises to share digital information and resources across multiple servers and locations. Have you ever thought about how the amounts of data that you interact with every day are related to other data? Think about this:

Just by turning on your TV, the channels you visit receive ratings based on how long you view them. That means that you’re choosing to give your favorite news station a higher rating than the others, which means that that local station can make more of a profit from advertising revenue. 

Just by watching TV, you’ve now impacted multiple companies: a news station and its advertising partners. Data is a big part of any digital business and even more longstanding forms of communications like television.  

Continuing on the news station route, companies could either keep that extra revenue as corporate profits, share those profits among their employees, or put them back into the community. Literally  —  just by watching TV, you could help to be the reason that an employee is able to feed a family, or why the local YMCA receives a corporate donation. And it’s all thanks to connecting data and leveraging data to make key decisions. 

Connecting Data from the TV Network, Advertiser, and Community 

Now, how does advertising relate to interconnected data? Advertising has always relied on data and numbers, but digital businesses and even machine learning can leverage vast amounts of data in order to produce high performance advertising.

By watching ads on your favorite news station, these advertisers build stronger relationships with that station, cementing their partnerships and working together into the future. Such a relationship generates a longer continued stream of income for the stations and alerts the advertiser that its ads are being seen. 

If you choose to purchase something related to an ad you’ve seen then you’ve helped to cement that relationship even more. Advertising companies are always tracking how effective their marketing is related to how much profit they’re making from it. You can be certain that every advertiser has a data center and at least several people whose job it is to track large amounts of data while connecting data to various performance metrics. 

All of this means that the local community news station ends up growing stronger economically, bolstering the local community. In turn, this means that you can grow stronger economically too because these benefits can trickle down. This whole cycle ties back to your decision to turn on the TV one evening.

At Yellowstone, Interconnection Refers to a River of Change

Thinking about all the cross connect among data is wild! And there are a million stories just like this that show how interconnection refers to choices driven by data and how seemingly unrelated decisions and actions influence one another. 

Here’s one of our favorites from a frequently viewed TED talk, about how wolves affected the shape and flow of rivers at Yellowstone National Park:

This is where it gets really interesting. The wolves changed the behavior of the rivers. The rivers began to meander less. There was less erosion. The channels narrowed. More pools and riffle sections were formed, which benefitted wildlife habitats. 

The rivers changed in response to the wolves. This was because the regenerating forests stabilized the banks so that they collapsed less often, and the rivers became more fixed in their course. By driving the deer out of certain areas, vegetation recovered on the valley sides, and there was less soil erosion. So the wolves, while small in number, drove out the deer, ultimately transforming not just the ecosystem of Yellowstone National Park but also its physical geography. 

If you look closely, you’ll start seeing signs everywhere about how interconnected data affects people’s lives and parts of society. When you stop to take notice, it’s a remarkable phenomenon indeed.

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