Are You Ready For Code?

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Are You Ready For Code?

A trend we’ve seen at Clevyr is a dramatic increase in the number of people walking through our doors with an “app” idea.  They’re usually individuals or groups who have been successful in a particular business and struggle with legacy systems, processes, and software that manage their industry.  They see the problem AND they have the requisite experience to envision a solution. They rush into our offices looking for a vendor/partner/team to write the code that breathes life into their thoughts. Does that mean these ideas are ready for code?  Sometimes yes, but usually not. Many times, our prospects/customers are surprised to hear that. And they are often surprised to hear that as a custom software shop, we have entire engagements that do not involve around code at all.  Instead, we focus our first engagement (and sometimes our second engagement) on discovery.

Through some professional development, Clevyr has completed with Sandler Training of Oklahoma, we’ve learned and adopted the following phrase, “Prescription without Examination is Malpractice.”  

This quote helps me to communicate why researching the problem you’re trying to solve, the people you’re targeting to be users, and the way you’re trying to solve it is an essential part of our software development process.  Analyzing the problem, evaluating paths to solve the problem, and creating a plan for the solution… that’s the right place for most projects to start.  

The First Step

Our first engagement is a roadmap session that builds out the framework of the plan.  We spend an entire day together figuring out key pieces of information like:

  • What's the overall user journey?

  • Who are the users?

  • What are the essential user flows?

  • Why would they use this app? (motivation)

  • What other software products do we need to integrate with to make this work?

  • Master list of features?

  • What is the essential feature list for a beta test?  

And many more.  Answers to these questions are presented to our clients as a deliverable from our roadmap session. 

It might be frustrating to walk through our doors hoping to move fast when our experience tells us that most prospects need to slow down.  The Clevyr mission is to create software that makes your life better. And we fulfill that mission when we build the right thing.

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