7 Reasons Why Laravel Is Awesome: Keeping Software Development Productive

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7 Reasons Why Laravel Is Awesome: Keeping Software Development Productive

If you’re a web developer, chances are you have done your homework when it comes to understanding how web frameworks can be applied to build customized software applications. These frameworks are the tools that modern developers use to build websites and mobile apps because they save the developer time, are well-tested for issues and bugs, and keep the developer’s code neat and accessible.

But if you’re a developer and you’re lost in the weeds of all the available frameworks, let us make a recommendation we fully stand behind: Laravel.

What Is Laravel?

To put it simply, Laravel is an open-source PHP framework that was made to make creating web apps not only easier but also faster when using its built-in features. Some of the features that make Laravel so popular among web developers include:

  • A modular packaging system with dependency management that lets developers easily add functionalities to their app without writing them from scratch 
  • A complete authentication system
  • Eloquent ORM that presents database tables as classes to make data access and manipulation easier 
  • A command-line interface equipped with dozens of pre-built commands
  • Automatic testing


Why Is Laravel Awesome?

While these are just some of the features of Laravel that make the job of developers easier, there is even more to the Laravel framework that makes it exceptional to use. Here are our top 7 reasons that we think Laravel is awesome:

  1. Simplicity

    One of the features that developers want in any programming language is its ease of use. Its simplicity keeps everyone happy -—developers aren’t bogged down in complex and messy code, while businesses don’t have to wait longer for their app to be developed. Projects are always delivered with quick turnaround times thanks to Laravel’s syntax that is easy for even inexperienced programmers to learn. Laravel also offers a range of libraries, tools, and templates to help developers build web applications easier. 

  2. Built-In Tools

    Laravel has two tools that set it apart from the competition: Blade and Artisan. Blade is a lightweight template engine that allows developers to create layouts with ease while using dynamic content seeding. Meanwhile, Artisan is Laravel’s built-in command line tool, which automates repetitive tasks and manages database migration. With Artisan, developers can also create custom commands and perform tests.

  3. Advanced Integration Features

    Laravel doesn’t just offer simple code for developers, but it also features intuitive, pre-programmed systems that can be integrated into an app with only a few lines of code. Using Laravel’s built-in tool Composer, you can easily install these packages. Examples of these systems include Laravel Cashier, a built-in subscription billing feature, or Socialite, an authentication system for social sites like Facebook and Google. With these features, developers can easily add functionality to web applications. 

  4. Strong Security

    As a developer, security is one of the most important things to consider in any web framework. Laravel has an in-built CSRF token that can handle a variety of online threats and protect the web application from cybersecurity risks. With Lavarel’s strong community support and tutorials, developers will have all the help they need to build an airtight application.

  5. Built-In Testing

    Testing is integrated quickly into any web development process with Laravel. With this feature, bugs are easily identified and corrected before they become a costly problem for all stakeholders. While the system automatically sets the testing environment, you can also easily define other testing values that will serve your individual needs. 

  6. Powerful Community and User Support

    Laravel has grown in popularity amongst developers over the last several years. Because of its increasingly widespread use, there is a large, active, and passionate community of developers who have extensive experience to provide support for other developers just starting out. A developer who posts to the community regarding an issue they’ve encountered is likely to get a quick response from the community. This type of response can cut down on delays and costs in developing for your customer. Laravel also has screencast tutorials to help train and assist developers. 

  7. Eye Toward a Global Market

    With Laravel’s support of multiple languages so that web applications can be tailored to different countries, developers can help their customers expand beyond their local customer base by creating apps that target a more global audience.

If you’re wanting to know more about Laravel and how it can help you create web applications that will dazzle your customers, contact us today to speak to one of our experts. We can help you find the perfect software solution for your client using Laravel’s hard-to-beat framework.

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